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Course Catalogs

These are the Stout Course Catalog Descriptions from 1903-2003.

The Stout Manual Training School first began offering undergraduate bulletins during the fall of 1903. At that time, the institution had a two-year curriculum leading to a diploma. The early bulletins were noted for their essays pertaining to theories on manual arts training and photos of the early campus in addition to the course descriptions.

The bulletins increased in size following the approval of a four year program during the First World War. Although the graduate program had been in existence for many years, the first graduate course catalog was not issued until 1949. For a brief period of time, the university was also in charge of a two-year campus in Barron County. Shortly after the start of the new millenium, new course desciptions were placed on the Internet rather than in print form.

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Graduate Catalogs

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